By- Chandini Kola

Why the borders? Why the hate?
What do you hold in the crate?
Why the blood in the perfumes of the 
wind? Why do you make us
the bait? Why the lines of control as the end? When do we all
liberate? Was this your idea
of showing love? What should we all
await? Flesh and tears for the security? Love or dominance?
Is my debate. Do you hold power to destiny? Then what's about this so great? Gifts you send of a lightless candle, How do you expect us to celebrate? A handshake or a
little smile, Tell us what it
takes to be a mate, Bygones are bygones; we are taught, Then why the
borders? Why the
hate? What happiness is in a fight? After all, can you
even walk straight? Are smiles so rare
and serenity so
expensive? Is the world so
stagnate? What is the worth of a crown? For it is only born to assassinate, Has the power
overruled humanity? Then why the
borders? Why the

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