But They Said It Would Make Me Happy

by- Mourya

The title may seem a bit catchy but trust me this is not a Local news channel grabbing your eye to open it. As once Hilary Clinton (who is not only an American Politician but also lawyer, writer, and public speaker) said: “Don’t confuse having a career with having a life.” Most of the students or Graduates who choose their path as Science, Arts etc. don’t even know that there is a difference between career and life they decide something, go somewhere, and worry about everything.

Let us consider a person named “Sushant.” He always wanted to do paintings, and he loved doing it. He completed his schooling, and the most significant decision which has to be made for his own life was made by his well-wishers called parents who were forced by “Relatives.” Ironic isn’t it? He took science against his wish of arts thinking ” I have the skill, need not worry.” He went on and pursued his +2 and then completed his engineering. He was taught since his childhood that “finish your graduation and then you can do whatever you want” He was happy thinking I’ve finished it. Poor Sushant didn’t know what was coming.

He went home with his degree and a sweet box probably the last most generous feeling of his life, shared with parents and family and was dreaming about his future. Then comes his lovely relatives into the picture. “Son, did you complete your graduation?” “What are your plans?” “Which IT company are you planning to go to?” Sushant said he is researching on how to improve his art skills. All were in shock. They thought who gave him the right to choose whatever he wants? That’s a crime! They forced him to an IT company where he worked for 30+ years and won many rewards and got massive recognization salary hike what not everything.

At the age of 55, a friend came to visit him. He said “bro, you must be very proud, you have this awesome house, lovely wife, awesome kids. You must be delighted”. Sushant smiled and said just one thing “But they said it would make me happy” and wept on his shoulder and continued “Every time I used to win an award, it felt like I’m trading myself for money. I genuinely smiled when I completed my Graduation. But right now, I feel that if I had not worked that hard just to overcome my loneliness and have drawn something, maybe who knows I would’ve become an artist.”

In the story above, Sushant was never really happy for 30+ years of his life thinking someday, or the other day it would make him forget it. At least some might have faced or facing this situation among or within us. So I request everyone to not to be like Sushant. Leave the one that is not making you happy now rather than thinking ” I wish I had tried what I liked.” at the age of 50.

I want to say one thing before we end ” Live with the people instead of living for them” It makes you and the ones you love very happy. And yes do follow your dreams it may be difficult in the beginning but in the end, you will be delighted.

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