Body shaming- the damage of your image or your soul?

By- Samhitha Dulam

Did you ever stop and think about how often we are told to change our appearance? And how often we are treated as Imperfectionists, without actually knowing about us or much less than our appearance.
People have a definite notion of beauty which defines standards of skin colour, body dimensions or the kind of clothes someone should or should not wear. Sadly, body shaming occurs among both men and women of all different shapes and body sizes, which include the criticisms of being “too fat” or “too skinny”.
This is how it feels:
He / She might look so jovial, friendly, always happy type person. But to be honest, they aren’t any of them. They feel so low when you make fun out of their personality. You know what, they go through a lot, they become so hard on themselves, their self-esteem becomes less, they start judging themselves. It disturbs their mental health and changes the aspect of their body image. But still, they try to be so kind and try to become perfect for your notions where they lose their Self, which is built form many years. And this is the bitter part, the remarks made by body-shamers affect them in many ways where their confidence is shattered!
This body-shaming leads to anxiety, depression, social isolation and many more. People with anxiety tend to overthink about everything, and the constant negative remarks make people so anxious that they sometimes suffer from panic attacks and depression phases.

Coming to these body-shamers, seriously! They do not spare anyone – be it a celebrity or their friends or their colleagues. They just simply talk about others’ personalities, make jokes, make fun of them amongst everyone. But they have no idea about how the other person feels, the mental disturbance caused, and the pain they go through. It’s so hard. Just think about it.
Sometimes, people even body shame themselves. They start criticizing their appearances by comparing with another person concerning with their size, colour, dressing style etc. Seriously, this isn’t something that you got to compare. Stop this man! Stop this sort of comparison.
I want to request you all something-
We are all taught to respect each other no matter how we look, how we talk, what skin tones we have. But as usual, we don’t try to implement what is taught to us.
Staying fit and healthy is good, but trying to fit into someone’s standard is not so good!
See, no one wants to be so fat, so skinny, too tall, so dark, etc. but this is how they have been from years. They lead their life until now with the same personalities. They maintained their body image with their self-esteem; they had been through a lot inside, yet they tried to be the best. Don’t just shatter all these just for a few minutes of joy which becomes a barrier to them for years.
Even many of us compare ourselves with others concerning the body, size, colour, blah….blah….blah…..don’t do that! It’s not fair to change yourself, and it’s not okay to make harsh comments about your own body which hurts your self-esteem. Though you say it out loud or think it to yourself, it just stings as much as if someone else said it. Just let yourself feel good.
Come on! Body shaming has lived a long enough though it’s a shit. Many people told to stop body shaming, but there is no change. Seriously I didn’t find any difference, and I do know how it feels, I had been through it. But remember let them talk. Let them crack jokes on your personality but don’t let all these to change yourself. Don’t try to be hard on yourself, work hard to improve yourself, set standards for yourself where your size or colour doesn’t determine your worth. You have more to offer the world than just the shape and colour of your body.

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