Happy Father’s Day – Dad

Have you ever wondered?

In every fairytale, Why father never accepts the guy who loves his daughter., It’s straightforward, Father knows how life is lead in this world.

I never understand why people compare mom and dad. It is just as foolish to ask what is essential to living, whether food or water.

A father always keeps his baby as the top priority.

It’s very unfair mother gets more share of love, inclination and affection than father.

Sometimes we might be overwhelmed with all the basic needs yet don’t thank and still complain about the unnecessary lavishes. 

But have we ever imagined that its how hard to take responsibility for each one of the family?

He worked overtime for buying cycle to you.

He strived to come by bus so that you can go to the right school.

He never bought new clothes in a year so that you can celebrate your birthday.

Do you know how hard it is to be hard against someone you love? 

He chooses to be hard against even though he knows that will receive that hatred from you at that moment because he is the one who can shape you a responsible citizen.

Mothers are expressive. They can express themselves. In contrast, fathers suffer inherently within themselves when something happens to you.

He might annoy you regarding your career, but question yourself you will know yourself why is he like that.

He forgets everything regarding his happiness, his holiday and his outings and cares about more about yours.

He never hated you for your mistakes.

He never gave up on you when you gave up on yourselves.

The only guy who sacrificed most for you is definitely the father.

Is there anything that we can give it back to him?


We are not that lucky.

If there is anything that you can do, it’s very simple.

Whenever he feels difficult with smartness of our generation, help him.

Take care of his things, buy him his small comforts.

Observe his needs. 

Don’t leave him alone. Spend time with him.

Ask him whether has he taken his dinner and medicines.

When a certain age comes, he expects a friend from you,

he might be wrong at certain things that don’t mean he is bad. You can’t give up because he didn’t give up on you.

Share your mental tensions with him. Just observe how he dust it off from your mind.

His wisdom, His experience of life is a priceless gift.

I would like to conclude it by,

   ” Life may be from Mother.


         Living is from Father”

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