By – Dada Hayath

Its been trending from the past few days that we need to boycott Chinese products.

The reason behind this call:

  1. PM Modi Ji urged the youth to buy swadeshi products and also stated that we need to be self-dependent.
  2. 20 Indian soldiers got martyred at Ladakh faceoff with soldiers of china.
  3. Indian intelligence agencies asked the government to block or advise people to remove certain 52 apps.

Economic behaviour:

Let me explain to you how Economy behaves, and Economy is generated when there is production. We are said to have good Economy if we have more exports than imports.

China occupies the highest share in India imports.

On any excellent economy, we need lessen up the imports and start producing as per our needs.

Can we altogether boycott Chinese products?

Let me explain to you with example.

A guy owns a redmi mobile, due to this boycotting Chinese products trend thought of disowning Chinese products. So thought of buying an iPhone. Though it cost him a lot of money, he still bought it.

He was delighted with this act of his own.

But let me tell you the hidden facts.

A company named Foxconn which is in china supplies half the world’s iPhones.

The Chinese companies which got manufacturing plants in India employ many Indians. Their employment will be lost.

A country with a large share of middle-class income earning people can’t afford the costly mobiles.

Neither they can opt for Indian company mobiles which cant perform well.

There is one more issue,

India became the 2nd largest manufacturer of mobile phones with the help of these mobile companies.

So, you might be thinking. Then what can we do now?

Don’t think that only electronic goods and mobile apps are the only Chinese products that you can boycott.

There are many goods like furniture, toys and goods which are manufactured in India but still we go for Chinese products.

We can ban some of the Chinese apps because of its source for information theft. Ban as much as the apps from china. No matter how much care be taken, information can be easily stolen.

Let’s talk about some of the things that we can do?

Don’t think only boycotting Chinese things will help the Economy. We need to increase the consumption of our Indian products.

Please buy Indian medicines, Indian handloom goods and Indian vehicles.

Try to buy khadi products.

Strengthening our Economy can also be helping.

Buy hand made toys and handicrafts instead of toys manufactured in china.

Really hatred towards any country necessary?

We live in a globalised habitat.

We are interdependent. Each country contributes something to other countries.

Its time that people need to focus, we are all one world, and we should not be divided by countries.

Somehow, something wrong done by a few creates hatred towards everyone in the country.

It’s the time, and we need to focus on unity above the boundaries.

But we need to encourage our Indian based industries. Being self-reliant and lending, helping hand in need is still cool.


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