All gave some, and some gave all

By – Mourya Koundinya

The title is a general statement on how the world runs. I’m not going to bore you with the Philosophy on which we are all are “Self-Taught experts”. Today we will talk about a scenario about which every country in the world mourns for a few days, and yet encourages to keep on losing the lives of ordinary people. Exactly! I’m talking about war and the military sacrificing their lives.

The 20th century was the most murderous in recorded history. The total number of deaths caused by (or associated with) wars has been estimated at 187 million. That is the equivalent of more than 10% of the world’s population in 1913. Taken as having begun in 1914, it was a century of almost unbroken war, with few and brief periods without organised armed conflict somewhere. World wars dominated it; that is to say, by wars between territorial states or alliances of nations. Talking about India, Pakistan and China, we have lost 80,000–110,000 due to the “Kashmir Conflict”. These digits are not a statistic which any human being who wants peace would be proud.

Let us consider a scenario; There is a guy called Bill. Bill works in a factory as a manager and is the best manager that a company can hire. Bill was always bullied by a guy called Amit in the name of Regionalism. Bill belonged to a different region that Amit hates. During the same time, the colleagues of Amit intervene and educate Amit on opportunities and development of self and organisation. Amit understands that people are more important than regional differences and apologies to Bill. If we follow the same with every individual and treat people as people, do we need the military to sacrifice themselves?

We all mourned the death of George Floyd, who lost his life due to racism and cop brutality. But what about the racism we see and which follows us around? What about the racial slurs we utter usually? Calling a particular country and religion as “terrorists”, denominating the northeast people as “Coronavirus” Are we following the right path?

What can we do so that all the wars can be stopped and no one needs to sacrifice for the well being of us? The path to peace is pretty easy; If we follow the steps below, we don’t need anyone sacrificing their lives for us.

-Don’t be a stereotype, especially on people.

-Don’t follow any racism; provide opportunities to those who deserve.

-Don’t see the borders, see the people.

And Most of Important of all “Live and Let Live”

If we follow the above steps, we don’t need anyone sacrificing their lives for us, and they can also lead a happy life.

It the end ” We all gave some to our military (Hoping that they will be okay and mourning for their death). Some ( The military) Gave us all ( Their life and their family missing them).

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