Things that we must experience before marriage!

By – Dada Hayath

1. Having a wolf pack of your best friends meeting regularly at your adda.

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Group of friends sitting at a cafe, joking on each other, laughing out loudly, sharing the cafe bill is one of the most significant experience. Whenever you have a bad day, you need to bitch about it. You need to have someone to make you feel you are not the only who went through that shit Right? 

They will make you feel that its very common phases of life that everyone has to go through.

2. A daily humiliation dose of parents regarding your hygiene and ambience

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Let’s accept we are not as hygienic as we show to the world in our home. It might be throwing a towel on bed after bath, keeping a plate on the dining table after eating. We take it granted that isn’t our job. So, we deserve the humiliation from our parents. You might find annoying now, but it will make you responsible for your actions. Believe me shame from parents makes you hygienic because your spouse may get uncomfortable when you are unclean.

3. Living separately with a group of friends in cities

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If you didn’t experience, you would be left out with many skills unlearnt. This is where we learn cooking. We learn to manage ourselves. Enjoying friendship, Cooking together, Caring by your friends when you are sick and Sharing household works. As for me, you will understand the value of parents when you stay like that. Those friends will become your family.

4. Learning any art

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Guys, I feel one should have artistic heart, everyone should get the opportunity to let the artist in themselves out once because art gives you calmness, sensitivity and peace. That satisfaction is priceless when you try to perform art.

Try to learn any art you want. You don’t need to master it just learn it who knows it may sweep off the feet of your to be spouse.

Try it.

5. Going to movies with Parents.

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I don’t know why?

Youngsters don’t enjoy going out to movies with the family. But don’t you understand they do come passing your age. They do love movies. They do like to discuss a movie script. 

Go for a movie with family as much as possible before marriage. Because after the wedding, you need to have that private couple time which may lead to lessen up the family time.

Enjoy with your parents.

6. Outings with sibling

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you don’t believe how much they care us when we are in trouble. A sibling can affect us when your parents and friend can be ineffective.

Parents can be pampering, and Friends can be lenient, but Sibling will correct you when we are wrong.

I enjoy those times when I go out with my sister for an eating chat. You don’t need to fear about the budget.

You will miss the good times you had with your sibling when you get married.

So grab moments with siblings as much as you can.

7. Having a get together with cousins

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The only reason you forgive your relatives is your cousins. They are alternatives for your friends. Have a campfire with your cousins. Share your life not in the WhatsApp group but in the get-together.

Have a campfire. Go for a small picnic.

It’s the best reboot that you can have.

8. Heart Break

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You know what I believe God gave a strength of human being in his heart. Once you break it, you will have eternal energy that can change you unbelievably.

You will learn to empathise with people who cry. 

You will understand to give importance to feelings.

It will teach you to forget and forgive.

A broken heart can teach what you need to prioritise in life.

It will give you the strength to break your laziness.

Every masterpiece of art came from the pain of a broken person.

Believe me.

9. Get the body shape you wanted

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I believe no person is happier than a healthy person.

wherever you may be, whatever you might be doing, Give the One hour for your body

Get the healthy look you wanted

It’s the best gift that you can give yourself

It’s unbelievable the self-belief and confidence you get when you workout.

The scientifically proven fact that you will feel the same thing when a girl proposes to you if you workout.

10. Learn a sport

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We all know walking and jogging in the park is very boring. Have you ever played a sport in the morning?

Play a sport in the early morning with your friends.

You will learn the discipline from the sport. Best part you don’t feel boring, and all the toxins that are there will be shredded out with ease.

Morning dose of happiness can do wonders. It relieves all stress.

Play any physical sport. Learn the sport what you wanted to be part of in your childhood.

11. Work under somebody critical to impress with work

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You need to get that critic experience when you want to develop at your work. Otherwise, we will never excel when you work under certain critical superiors they will make you efficient at the initial stages of career, Which is very benefitting experience.

12. Buy something big on your own using your savings.

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Of course, when parents comfort you, you enjoy it, but we cant carry pride in it. Do some savings, cut your comforts and buy something big for you and your family. The pride you get from it should be experienced. It showcases the success. 

I don’t mean that you need to materialistic. But buy your own comforts and have pride in it.

We all know marriage will bring the changes, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy after marriage. There are a few things that we can enjoy at certain phases of life. These are the few things that everyone should enjoy before you share life with partners.

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