Animals are a part of our environment. Say ‘no’ to cruelty & ‘yes’ to compassion

By – Gayatri Agarwal

Animal abuse is one of the most important & the most difficult topics to contemplate. How many times have you witnessed animal abuse in person? And if you did, what is the action that you took? Apart from taking video, pictures or ignoring it? Whether you are an animal lover or not, seeing anyone in pain and not doing anything about it is inhumane and uncompassionate.
1950, the year we got our independence. When we know the importance of freedom, why don’t we understand the importance of other’s independence?
Jungles are for animals, and they have their own habitat, was it our right to take away their independence and make them work or breed them for your own greed?
‘It’s been followed for years, so we are continuing it’ as a lousy excuse to fulfil your needs. There’s a difference between an equal right and following a tradition which needs to be understood.
Having a pet is a beautiful thing, but being careless is equally insensitive.
Abuse can be something as small as leaving the pet outside in the sun for hours or not feeding him on time. There’s always a way to teach animals good habits that don’t involve being cruel.
Witnessing the abuse or ill-treatment is just as similar as being a part of the crime. “So, how can I save an animal if I’m not the one doing anything to it?” you may ask. Of course, you can. It is the 21st century, and we all have a mobile, let’s make the most of it. In such a cause, call up the nearest animal shelter/helpline so that they can come and take care of the animal in the right manner.
Most governments have laws against animal cruelty, so why not make the most of our constitution and order?
Animals are a part of our environment as much as we are, and this Mother Earth belongs to them equally. So do we really have a right to ill-treat them? No, we don’t.
Let’s all come together and make the earth a better place to live in for all the species.
Coming to the abuse, we can bring in change only if we want to. Recognize, Report, Fight and STOP the violence!

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