Nepotism- A bitter reality

By- Dada Hayath

Nepotism – is it good or bad?
Before being judgmental on Nepotism and blaming every person who chose the same profession of their family, it would be better if we have a clear idea about Nepotism.

Let’s know what Nepotism defines to be-

As per the Cambridge dictionary, Nepotism means the act of using your power or influence to get good jobs or unfair advantages for members of your own family.

As per the definition, it’s completely immoral when someone uses power for something wrong.

But is this really what’s happening around us?

I don’t think so.

It would be better to know some other terms similar to Nepotism.
The cronyism: a situation in which someone important gives jobs to friends rather than to independent people who have the necessary skills and experience.
But when I am asked if the cronyism is wrong, I may say it depends. Say someone is giving the job in his company to his family/friend, it is his choice, but if he is doing the same on others’ company, it can be wrong. Because one should let others have their choice too.

Let’s talk about Nepotism now.

Undoubtedly, right now in every industry nepotism exits, people who have the power they do misuse it. Still, we cannot blame everyone who has followed their fathers’ path after looking up to him, but with a passion of their own. Because of that, what their journey might have been from there childhood.

Every son who is inspired by their father’s legacy, tries to learn, copies his father and wants to earn the same respect just as his father did. We can’t be judgemental about it. Lineage and hereditary are not Nepotism.

Then what is actual Nepotism happening around us?

If a group of people form a syndicate and dictate on who should get the opportunity, snatching someone’s chance and suppressing new talent, then it is a definite crime.

There is no wrong in forming groups, giving them jobs for the children of their group but damaging someone’s career is brutal.

It’s pathetic that few people control the opportunities of future generations. In any field, when someone comes with so much zeal to showcase their talent and find all the dark politics in it, it breaks their heart.

It’s an unproven fact that this crime happens in every industry, not just in Bollywood. When some new talent comes, bullying, threatening and humiliating them is disgusting.
When such a thing happens, it will leave us two options, either you ignore it and try to make your talent sound louder, or you stand up for yourselves to raise your voice against it.
But I prefer to go with the former one.

Can you stop Nepotism?

If I am expecting that Nepotism to be eliminated, then I might be over waiting from the world.

We can’t eliminate any atrocity. We make sure that we fight against it and safeguard ourselves from it.
If we see in our scope, there are many new comers who passed the barriers of Nepotism with their craft and talent.

Can Nepotism stop you?

No! The world is in search of talent; it’s just that we need to be patient, and we also need to adopt some changes because it will never be as expected. But with hope, an opportunity may arise, and you may get a chance to showcase your talent and then the world will notice you.
There are many examples in our surroundings. It would be best if you didn’t stop yourselves by complaining about Nepotism. Well, it’s unfair how few people quickly get opportunities, but we all know life is unfair.
If you keenly observe world was always with talent. It’s that you need to carry your recipe and believe in it.

Just believe that no odds are undefeated with determination and hope.
No matter what!
Talent will find its way.
Opportunities will search for the right one.
Glory will wait for them.
Brand new Pioneers will be born.
The world will cherish them.
People will witness it.
No “ISM” can stop it.

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