The strange attraction

Dear Me,

Where to begin to tell you?

Let’s just say I love you;

Wonder where it came from?

The awakening of the conscious;

Desperate was I to be loved and cared,

Forgot how beautiful you are;

I walked through the road of thorns,

While I already had the rose;

Trying to tell the stories unheard,

I lost the song I loved;

The world is full of thrill and mystery,

But I was lost in entrenching misery;

Somewhere I hid myself to the fear of judgements,

Hiding nonetheless to what ends;

 Enough of the treasure that’s bygone,

Lemme embrace you like a funky neon;

Be the badass you were, again,

Don’t let yourself to contain;

The world is just pulp fiction,

In which you are the strange attraction.

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