The dimensional beauty

Wither in a moment, blossom the other,

What do you call the running time;

Mishaps in a moment, miracle the other,

What do I call the running time;

Given a chance to end this loop,

Nope, I am not gonna try;

You would ask me, but when heartbreaks?

I would do nothing but accept and cry;

Do you see this endless beauty,

You would be such a fool to wish it ends;

Happiness indeed comes with pain,

Sure they are companions and run each others’ errands;

Do you not see the tears you trade to smiles,

Ruining the gardens and asking for fruits;

How more deaf can you be,

For unhearing the delicacy of the natures’ flutes;

You always run from or to making mistakes,

Have you decided this to be your trend;

Would you not listen to me now,

I will haunt you with the message;

On my grave will it be written,

Live in the moment,” my friend.

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