To the virus, from Doggo

Dear Virus,

Subject: Appreciation and congratulations for your work!

I, Romeo, a dog who lives in Hyderabad, want to appreciate and congratulate you for the rebellious work you’ve been doing against humans. I’m ten years old, and all the memories I have are so ghastly that I think I might be the only dog with no hope for humanity.
When I was a newborn pup, an eight-year-old kid kidnapped me. I was too young, and I replaced love for my mother with this kid. After a few months had passed, his family members asked him to leave me on the street as they were insulted by their neighbors for petting a street dog. They purchased him a foreign pup, and he let me out on the road. For days I roamed in front of their gate, but it seemed like they had already moved on. The local street dogs hated my presence and chased me out the very next week. I found a new street with no dogs in it and made it my residence and lived for a year. I was sleeping beside a house and suddenly felt like my whole body was frozen!
I jumped out of fear and heard a few kids laughing at me. They poured ice-cold water on me, just for fun! I couldn’t comprehend what the hell that was about! They repeated this for three nights, and the third night I barked and jumped at the kids. A man threw a sharp stone at me and put up a noble face like he helped innocent beings from a monster. The first time in my life, I was in so much pain. I understood the color of my blood was red too. That very moment I lost interest and hope on humanity, which was supposed to my natural drive. I’m not a friend to humans, I thought. I began to lose trust, and I started barking at everyone who approaches me. Then a large vehicle stopped in front of me, and few humans tried to catch me. I held my breath and ran so fast as they were in my trail. I reached an alley where I know lives many dogs like me. My kind! I never had this feeling of owning someone, but I did call for help hoping my kind would show up. And they did! All the stray dogs came out of cars, and corners barked at them. They had to turn back. The dogs welcomed me, and I became one of them.
I have even weird and scary experiences with humans. The edge of my right ear has a cut, and my left limb has a limp. I guess you already guessed who caused them.
Humans have reached a phase of arrogance that they are superior to all organisms. They believe that they are the center of the food chain. They have constructed their dens everywhere with no place left for us animals to live. If we somehow created a place to live, they come in vehicles and capture us. They do weird things! They blast fireworks and throw colors at us on some occasions. Usually, they throw stones and run over us with their vehicles.
Someone should put their arrogance at the place! Humans should get down from their high-horse as animals are not their slaves. We are beings with free will, and the world belongs to us too! We don’t exist for mere aesthetics. Do you know that they even take us and raise us in their homes instead of our habitats and call us our pets? We should agree that few humans treat us like their own children, but most of them are just arrogant!
You’ve proved to them that an organism that is not human and is not perceivable to bare eyes can shake the entire world. All their activities, the loops they built around themselves, have stopped! Humans are now lying in their homes, and the streets are empty! I feel like I’m the king of the streets. We all have been having lots of fun on the roads. It’s good to think that this world belongs to us too! But I’m not as arrogant as most of the humans. For the sake of a few compassionate humans, I don’t wish you to trouble them forever. I guess they have learned their lesson, and I think it’s time that you should withdraw already!
Thanking you!

Yours sincerely,
Romeo, the street dog,

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