Part 1- Manasvin


A boy was walking down the quiet lane at 1 AM in the night, thinking of what to do now. He looked like a bright, slum kid with torn clothes and grumpy hair. His father is an alcoholic, and his mother is bedridden. All the money he earned from the daily wages is being snatched every day by his father. He was thinking deeply while walking on the road and finds a stone on his way. He suddenly hits the rock, and it strikes the mirror of the opposite shop. He stops for a moment staring at the mirror. The mirror is hardly broken, and every spot is spread into various lines further. The boy kept staring at the mirror until morning.

30 Years later-


“Vedika,” shouted a woman from the corridor of their home. “I saw her near Parvathi colony chasing someone,” said Haider, a boy from the neighbourhood. She walked off inside her house angrily. After few minutes, Vedika came back. “Ramanamma, I am sorry. I understand that you are worried. But, what to do about these assholes?” said Vedika. “You know where we come from. You know what happened to us. Do you still want to do these kinds of things?” said Ramanamma whimpering. “I know. Please, don’t cry. I won’t let this happen again.”


“Anna, what to do now?” asked Gopal to Shankar. “Kill him!” said Shankar, slowly releasing the cigar smoke in a firm voice. “But, Shankar he,” was Gopal saying, and Shankar shouts, “Do as I say,” getting up from his shady place and walking into the sun. “Gopal, this is not a journey to think, this is revenge. In revenge, we don’t leave our enemy any chance,” said Shankar looking in the mirror and staring at his scar on the collar bone. Flash of memories were playing while he was staring at his scar.

This was the short intro for the story. To know, how these characters cross their paths and to know what happened to the boy we mentioned intially, be tuned to our series.

To be continued….

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