Repression of Truth

Why does God punish people for doing something when he is their destiny maker? I asked and “Stop your nonsense” people replied. We are all taught to be honest since childhood. But no one dares to live an honest life. If someone tries to live an honest life we mark them as a rebel and try to repress him. Because their freedom irks us and makes us feel jealous.

I was posting against the government taxation this morning and my father wanted me to write all my thoughts in a diary and not in public. His argument was that I would offend many people and they wouldn’t let me live. Is it not paranoia? Is it what speaking truth has come to?

We live in a world where everything has become an offence. Just a few minutes ago I had posted a funny comic where batman sits on a Superman billboard making superman’s image look like Nietzsche. Facebook banned me from posting anything for 24 hours because it thought that I posted something about Joseph Stalin. What if the image is Joseph Stalin? Why does it need to be marked as an offence? Just because the man was villainous doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t post anything about him. What is this but the repression of truth? You can’t forget or erase history by not letting people speak about it. People need to speak about Stalin! People need to know what happened and only then we won’t have another Big Brother who spies in your toilets.

We are so afraid of the truth that we started using Euphemisms. Euphemisms are soft-spoken words in replacement of the brutal truth. You call a handicapped person specially-abled because you are afraid that you will offend him. Hence, you throw sugarcoated lies as soft as butter right at their face. Why are you so afraid of the truth? What had happened so much that you never even want to listen to the truth let alone speaking.

“Homoeopathy or alternative medicines may not work” I said and it offended most of the people who listened to me. Let’s forget about the statement being true or false and just concentrate on people’s reaction. When a statement was thrown at them. They didn’t try to analyse it. They didn’t even plan to give a counter-argument or even ask me some proof. They rejected my statement straight away with no basis or arguments. Meaning we have made truth and false subjective and our opinions are judging something to be true or false.

Right from the ancient history, the truth has always offended people. Even Socrates was poisoned because people thought he was poisoning the minds of youth. In reality, he was just educating them. But the authority figures began to feel paranoid about his teachings because his intelligence threatened them with insecurity. I don’t blame them. They were not as civilized as we are today. Amidst all the technological advances and easy availability of access to knowledge we still feel insecure when it comes to the truth.

Government should be criticised! People should be stripped down with criticism and only then can you totally understand if they would work! Only criticism helps government or authority figures evolve. Only negative remarks help you to perfect as you won’t leave any negative remarks in the future. We are human! We are flawed and imperfect. We are bound to make mistakes and we evolve from those mistakes and make new mistakes. That’s how our life should be. We should not be in the assumption of perfection and repress truth because it offends our perfect assumptions of the world. Let the truth live!

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