The danger has ended

6:45 PM, Saturday
@Punjab: A boy named Advaith was preparing for his AIEEE exam. Advaith in his mind- I should crack the exam at any cost. I should study at IIT and become a great civil engineer. Tomorrow is going to be my big day.
@Orissa: Ricky, a thief has robbed a bank and looted nearly 5 crores. He escaped the police patrolling and is overwhelmed with joy. He is dreaming that his life is finally going to change and he is going to be rich from the next day.
@Mumbai: Mohith, a trader who works for the financial institution is thrilled. He has made a profit of $1300 in one share alone. He thinks his success has just begun.
@Surat-Vidya & @Kerala-Nitin: Vidya and Nitin have been married for 5 years now. Right after their wedding, Nitin got his transfer to Kerala and Vidya continued working in Surat. They have been working hard every day so that they can buy a home and start a family. They are on a video call talking to each other.
@Chennai: A group of elderly people at an old age home are chitchatting. An old man in the group says to the other people, “How awful is it for our kids to leave us here! It’s been 3 years now and no one comes to even see us.”
@Hyderabad: Mishti, a famous social media star. She has more than 500k followers on all her social media accounts. She loves how much people like her. She has just made three entertainment videos and posted them. Now, she is quite excited about likes.

6:55 PM: Everyone got a notification on their phones. The message read, “Red Alert! The virus that has been shaking the whole world is now moving at the speed of the storm to India. We have no place to hide. No cure or treatment for this. We don’t know in how much time will this occupy India. We are unaware of what could this lead to.”
Everyone is in shock after reading the message. They are panicked that the dreadful disease that they have been hearing will now take their lives too.
Advaith- What about my dreams, my exam? Is it all waste now? Will I die without even living a day as an engineer? Ricky- My money? Am I going to die without living the luxuries? What to do now? Nitin & Vidya- What can we do except crying? Didn’t we even deserve to die together? Mohith- What just happened? Did I win or lose? My dreams are dead even before I die. Mishti- What the hell!! What about my life!? What did I do to die so early? An old woman in the group at the old age home- We have forgotten to live our lives in the run to good moments. All those moments where we spent running for a better life, name, money, popularity were those moments we should have lived and loved. We got the second chance to live here in this old age home. But instead of thinking of making a new family and move on, we kept blaming our children and expecting them to come back. We should have lived.
7:25 PM: The virus has occupied the whole world and everyone died. THE DANGER HAS ENDED!!!

“Wow Tarun, what a wonderful story!” the invigilator at Inter-School Essay competition for juniors complimented Tarun. “I am amazed that you wrote such a beautiful story at this age. What do you want to become in the future?” he asked.
Tarun: I want to become nothing. I AM A HUMAN BEING.

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