‘Darwin Day’ and why we should start celebrating it!

I seriously don’t understand why this day is not celebrated as much as it has to be! On this day, Charles Robert Darwin, who single-handedly fought a battle against creationists and had won was born! Before his contribution, ‘Evolution’ was called as ‘Transmutation’ and was just a science fiction. His grandfather Erasmus Darwin had an abstract idea of evolution of society from micro-cells, but it remained un-explored until Darwin explored, thought and fought against the conventions to state his theory of evolution!

I was shook in surprise when my companions were unaware of his contributions even though they were familiar with the name. I began to question around and was disappointed to see that many of us don’t really know about his contributions to the modern world. By now, you must be thinking Why should we celebrate Darwin Day? What did he do? He just discovered that men evolved from apes. What’s the big fuss! But no! That’s not all! What he did was a battle against conventional religious beliefs which paved a path to many rationalists and reasonable people today. He fought GOD!

Just like most of the people in 19th century, Darwin was a believer too. He even had a theology degree in Cambridge. Only after that, he went on a voyage which changed the way he thought. He lost his faith when his son and his favorite daughter passed away. That’s when he conceived the idea of species evoluting into other by a process he called ‘natural selection’. Even though he had a clear idea of what his theory was, he still feared to publish it as it is beyond the understanding of extremely religious society he lived in. His grandfather was isolated from the society for writing a poem on his own version of evolution. He suffered questioning faith and fighting a battle with himself for 20 long years until Alfred Russel Wallace, a fellow who was influenced by Darwin himself wrote to him about Wallace’s own theory of evolution by natural selection. This scared Darwin and had also motivated him to publish his completely written book along with Wallace’s paper called ‘On The Origin Of Species by Means of Natural Selection’. This book suggested that all life is related! It is revolutionary! It’s something the world has never witnessed! This has offended many religious groups because it is against their idea that god had created everything around us!

Darwin v/s Creator:

Back then, the reasonable people were shut down when a creationist yelled “Look around us! What do you think created everything if there no creator?”. Of course, the reasonable asked them “Why do you think everything needed to be created to exist?” but when creationists asked them “Well then, how do you think everything exists?” the reasonable just lost the argument and had lost in thoughts. It was always a mysterious question which haunted everyone. How did we start existing? Is there a creator who’s creating us?

But the theory of evolution explained it all. By each new edition of his book, Darwin started strengthening his arguments. It was all clear now! No matter how the idea created a massive negative opinions, nothing can stop the truth from being the truth. His idea that species which change according to the situations, climate and environment around them can survive and reproduce more younger ones.

“Let there be Man” became a fictional statement by world’s best selling book. Man just wasn’t a man. He was a cell, mold, multiple-cells, rodents, apes, walking apes and then Men! Nothing is just created out of blue! It evolves! He devised a tree of life which can be used to trace back to common ancestors and relations among all life on earth! That plant you cut down to build a damn table, is actually your 1000 trillionth cousin! That chicken you munched on is your grandchild by distant. All this thought because of one man who fought all the conventions and broadened the minds of then creationists!

Tree of life.

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