It’s safe to assume that all of us have heard someone sharing their “vision” during a near death experience. One of the most common visions is “seeing light”. Many others say that they saw a dead relative or few even claim that they’ve experienced heaven or after life. These experiences are so common that we began to question whether these experiences prove the existence of life after death.

This is a question which might put a person in an existential crisis. As we love to live so much, we tend to believe in a life after death. This belief is in need to be criticized, questioned and discussed.

This article doesn’t concentrate on disproving the after life. Because it has not yet been proven. But this article concentrates on whether the near death experiences prove after life or if they mean anything.

It is scientifically proven that when a human body is put at extreme stress, Adrenaline or Epinephrine is released to maintain the blood flow. Like Epinephrine, there exists Norepinephrine or Noradrenaline which is also released to maintain the stress. According to the existing studies, when humans experience trauma or any event which threatens their life, Noradrenaline is released causing hallucinations. Hallucinations such as feeling out-of-body, floating, seeing people and many other. The floating is usually considered as the soul coming out of the body or an astral projection but technically it’s just your mind tripping with Noradrenaline. There’s also something called as Cotard Delusion or Walking Corpse syndrome, where the affected person believes they are dead. Similarly, the ‘seeing light’ scenario is also proven to be a result of oxygen deprivation.

Well, occurrence of these hallucinations doesn’t obviously mean that there’s an after life. They just mean that your mind is tricking you. Sadly there is no study to prove if these hallucinations mean anything. The images might just be random chunks from the subconscious. It doesn’t necessarily mean something metaphysical.

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