The Corrupted Sin

Akash was standing at the beach thinking of what will happen next. “Akaaaaash,” someone was shouting from a distance. Akash looked at his right side from where he heard the sound coming. He couldn’t see anything clearly because his glasses had water drops sprinkled on them. He cleared his glasses and put them back. He could see a girl running towards him in a yellow kurta and pink stole. “Aditi!!!”Akash exclaimed. Aditi reached Akash. “Akash”, Aditi told gasping, “I LOVE YOU.” Akash was in shock and all his past whenever he saw Aditi and fell in love played before his eyes like it was a movie. It was like a dream for him. “Hey!! Where did you get lost? Talk to me.”Aditi said shaking Akash.”Sorry, I am in a little shock. Do you realize what you are saying?” asked Akash.”I do, but there is a clause in our story and the same fear kept me away from expressing you my love all these days” she said. “What is it?” he asked. “I don’t know if this works till the end but I want us to be together to as much as we can. Are you okay with it?” she asked. Akash paused for a minute and said,” I would love to live until my death with you but I am happy even if I could spend a minute as your partner. I love you.” “I just hope you don’t behave like a psycho if something goes wrong,” said Aditi smiling. They both giggled and hugged each other.
Aditi’s mother: C’mon Aditi! Why are you crying? It’s a very good match. You will be happy. Believe me. You have to move on. I understand that you love Akash a lot but you know your father right? He won’t accept your relationship with him. Come, it is late already. Suraj and his family are waiting.
Aditi: Suraj, I know this is our wedding night and you don’t want me to ruin it for us. But, I can’t hide it from you. I have been in an intense relationship with a person called Akash. I am not able to forget him. I think I might need time to make things good between us. I am sorry.
Suraj: It’s okay!! I understand. I don’t want to do anything without your consent.
Nitya: Mommy, when will you come back?
Aditi: Very soon, baby. I will miss you a lot. Eat well and sleep on time. Take care. Listen to GrandMa and be a good girl. Also, don’t eat many chocolates. It is not good for your little teeth.
Nitya: Ok, Mommy!!
Aditi: Promise??
Nitya: Promise!
Aditi: Okay baby, Love you, Bubye!!
Nitya: Bye ma, Love you!
Suraj: Are you sure, she will keep her promise?
Aditi: I am 100 % sure. She is our daughter. She won’t cheat.
Suraj: Okay, Mother India! Shall we go?
Aditi: Yes, Mr.Suraj.
Aditi (crying in sleep): I am sorry, Suraj. I am sorry.
Suraj hears Aditi weeping and wakes her up.
Suraj(shaking her heavily): Aditi, wake up!
Aditi(waking up startled): What happened?
Suraj: You were crying in sleep.
Aditi: Sorry, I might have had a nightmare.
Suraj: C’mon Aditi, Don’t lie to me. I know you are thinking about it again and again. It was our mutual decision. You need not worry about that.
Aditi: No, I could have stopped myself. But, I didn’t.
Suraj: It’s okay, Aditi. That time is long gone. I have sent you so that you don’t think about him anymore. I didn’t expect this time to come.
Aditi: You are right. I should stop thinking about him. Good night.
Aditi goes back to bed.
Suraj leans back on the pillow and rememorizes everything that happened on-16-June-2015
Aditi: Suraj, where are we going today?
Suraj: Let’s go shopping in the streets of Grand Baie Market
Aditi: Nice! I will just get dressed and come.
Grand Baie Market:
Suraj and Saranya: Hey, You gotta look at this. It is quite nice.
Suraj and Saranya smile at each other.
Saranya: Hai, Saranya here and you?
Suraj: Hi, I am Suraj. This is my wife Aditi.
Saranya: OH, Hai Aditi. This is my husband Akash.
Suraj(whispering): Aditi, why are you staring at him?
Akash: We know each other. Saranya, this was the woman I was in a relationship with before our marriage.
Aditi: Let’s go back to the room. I don’t feel good here.
Suraj: Why did you get us back to the room?
Aditi: I could have cried if I stayed one more moment there.
Suraj: Do you still love him?
Aditi: I don’t know. I don’t even know, why I had to come on this trip.
Suraj: Don’t you think, we should spend time together.
Aditi: We should. But, no more. Every memory struck back my head just by looking at him.
Suraj: So, are you gonna carry this to home? Are you gonna keep him in your head and compromise a life with me? I cannot digest that.
Aditi: Then what do you want me to do? (Angrily)
Saranya: Let’s make a plan. We shall go to the beach tomorrow. If meeting her was just a coincidence, we people can’t see her anywhere around the beach, then we shall continue our trip and go back home. But, if it was destined, we will surely meet her again. And if that happens…
Akash: If that happens?
Saranya: I can suggest you something.
Akash: What is that?
Saranya: We shall ask her to spend time with for one whole day. But, you should never think or speak of her again. Deal?
Akash: That is definitely not the right thing to do.
Saranya: Can you think of something better. Because I cannot afford to lose you in her memories.
Akash: But, do you think her husband would approve?
Saranya: That means, you are accepting the deal. don’t worry, I will talk to her husband.
Akash: Okay!!!
Suraj: Remember what I told yesterday?
Aditi: Yes
Suraj: Come, let’s go.
Suraj: Aditi, Do you also see Akash there or Am I just having illusion?
Saranya: Hey, what a coincidence!!
Saranya to Akash: Shall we speak to her about it?
Akash: No, I don’t think so
Suraj: Saranya, Can I speak to you for a few minutes?
Saranya: Actually, yes. Even, I want to.
While Suraj and Saranya go and talk to each other, Akash and Aditi stand in awkward silence looking at Suraj and Saranya from distance.
Suraj: Okay, guys. It’s quite surprising for both of us for having the same plan. You people please carry on with your day. Aditi, I am going back to our room. You can call me if you need anything.
Saranya: Bye Akash. I will be waiting for you at the hotel. Take care.
After they leave, Akash and Aditi, slowly start talking to each other and start walking around the beach.
Akash: I don’t want this moment to pass by. Wish, it could freeze.
Aditi: We can make it freeze.
Akash: Shall we go spend time somewhere calm? I have so much to talk.
Aditi: Sure.
Akash and Aditi check in to a hotel nearby and walk into their room.
Aditi: I have missed you.
Akash: I have missed you too……..Can I kiss you?
Aditi: I want to make love to you.
Knock on the door…
Aditi: Suraj, open the door.
Suraj: You are back. I love you (hugging her). Come, let’s go home.
Aditi: I am sorry, I should tell you this. We had sex.
Suraj: We will be late for the flight. Let’s go.
After that day, Aditi and Akash started mugging themselves with guilt growing each day.
This day(15-July-2015):
Suraj texting Saranya on phone:
I was thinking about how beautiful was our Mauritius trip.
Saranya replying:
Of course, we used to go on many trips before marriage. But, after we got married, we hardly got some quality time to spend.
Suraj: missing you already…
Saranya: Miss you too… Meet tomorrow at our spot?
Suraj: Sure, good night love. Take care.
Saranya: Good night, Love you.

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