It was a dreamy night full of stars and light; bluer than velvet was the sky. The country road was empty and the breeze was so cool that one couldn’t just resist opening the windows and letting the breeze in. Denise didn’t just pull the window down, she put her head out of her black Ford Mustang 1970 and inhaled all that flurry of air. Suddenly a mule deer jumped out of nowhere and Denise had to hit the brakes so tight that the car skid all the way as the deer sprint across the road as a wolf chased it. “Fuck!” she gasped and was shaking. She took her time and started the engine again as the tape started playing “I Can’t Stop Loving You” by Bobby Vinton. The Mustang raced into the town passing the board “Fluke town” midst the sands and country roads. The town was small and peaceful and it looked like a place where one would love to retire and settle. There was a stream to the west, farms to the north and it had a club which was always fully loaded and even named ‘Fully Loaded’ symbolically. Denise, a wanderer considered to settle for a while in this town. She rented a motel and rushed to the club to find herself a date. She checked all the boys and found one sitting by the bar counter interesting. She walked to the counter and ordered an Expresso Martini for herself checking the guy out meanwhile. He was bulky with elevated chest, broad shoulders and had a perfect jaw line. She was about to make a move and “Narrow minded cunts!” a guy in the back yelled. She turned towards the guy, he was obviously drunk and was conversing with a guy who was even drunk and was pretending to listen to him just because he was buying the drinks. “If I had an itchy neck and I scratched it in public, it’s considered OK… But scratching my itchy groin or crotch in public is considered nasty.. I should control my entire itch… why?? Isn’t it just a body part?” the guy yelled again and finished his drink. His conversation dragged all her attention. It was more interesting than the hot guy beside her. “Can I buy you a drink?” the hot guy asked but Denise was looking at the drunken guy. People beside the drunken guy’s table asked him to lower his volume and the guy apologized thrice and continued blabbering inaudible to Denise. She went closer to listen to him. “Do you realize that when you are looking at a woman’s breast you are looking at a pair of mammary glands? Do you see any other species fantasizing mammary glands of the opposite gender? Isn’t it weird? Come on, I’m talking to you! Come on! I bought you three drinks so that you can listen to me talk” he was yelling at the other drunken guy in an irritated tone. “Indeed, human sexuality is peculiar when compared to other mammals” Denise replied to him. He turned towards Denise and looked astonished. He finally got someone who paid attention to him. He smiled and said “Yes! It’s.. It’s.. It’s weird” he said. “It is! But it is worth exploring…. sexuality I mean” she replied. “Was I too loud?” he asked in an apologizing tone. “No you weren’t even audible and that’s exactly why I came closer” Denise smiled. He smiled back and was acting nervous like he hadn’t been with a girl for a long time. “Do… do you wanna sit.. with me?” he said as she looked the drunken guy who was now sleeping on the table. “Er.. excuse me” he stood up, looked around and there was an empty table around the corner. “Let’s go there?” he asked and she nodded. Both sat and the blabbering guy suddenly turned shy and silent. Denise understood that he’s having a cold-feet and to clear the gap she added “You were making a speech about something?”. He laughed and said “No.. It’s just.. many things bother me… My mind asks a lot of questions and I answer them after careful evaluation but I don’t seem to find people who are interested to listen to my beautiful thesis about almost everything”. She interrupted his dialogue and said “Before I ask what do you do… I should ask you your name and yeah, I’m Denise” . He smiled again and face-palmed himself. “I’m Michael! and I work as an editor in the local science magazine”. “Science Magazine?” she asked curiously. “Yeah! I’m a science enthusiast and I have an IQ of 165” Michael was showing off, he was blushing and was all high. “Empty vessels make noise they say. I believe it’s fake! Look at you! You sound content. Yet you despise keeping quiet” she said and laughed. Both shared laughs as he continued his social, sciences, psychological and what-not speeches. He behaved like he was the fucking Aristotle! They both got drunk till the club was closed. Michael found it even hard to walk and was walking with the support of Denise. She walked him to her car and made him lie down in the rear seat. “Where do you live, Michael?” she asked. He put his hands in his pockets and was searching something and blabbering something. “Huh! Let it be! I’ll let you sleep on my couch!” she sighed and drove back to the motel she was staying. She helped him into the room and lay him on the couch. She went to restroom to change into something more comfortable. She came out to notice that Michael wasn’t there on the couch. Tensed Denise shouted “Michael!”. “Yes Ma’am” drunken Micheal replied from inside. She was scared, “Did I do something wrong? Why the fuck did I bring a stranger to my place?” she asked herself while holding a knife and slowly entering the bedroom. Michael was lying on the bed snoring. She laughed at her own paranoia and lay beside him. It was morning and she woke up to Michael moving restlessly on bed. “What happened?” she asked him. “I’m…. I’m really.. sorry.. It’s so awkward” he replied. She sat on the bed and looked at him “What’s awkward? Getting enough drunk to forget your own address?” she asked sarcastically. Michael looked at her puzzled “Being in a girl’s place for an enitre night and doing nothing but falling asleep” he replied hesitantly. Denise couldn’t hold and she burst out laughing. “You are feeling awkward because we didn’t have sex?” she asked. “No! not like that.. I mean….” he paused and she gestured him to continue “I mean.. kindof yeah!”. “We talked a lot! You claimed that you were a modern age Aristotle!” she laughed. “Did I actually say that?” he asked being all embarrased. “Yeah.. you did.. you spoke a lot! It was cool… Talking with you was better than sex” she laughed and he blushed. Both made breakfast and shared few giggles munching on the sandwich. “You never told me what you do for a living!” he asked. She smiled paused for a moment and said “Nothing! I wander”. He stopped eating and put on a confused face “You wander?” he asked. She nodded with a smile. “When I run out of cash, I stop somehwere and find some work. Earn enough to wander again!” she said like it was her hack to life. “That sounds cool! I mean.. I’ve been a wanderer too.. then something happened and I just started living here” he said scratching his goatee. “How long are you planning to stay?” he asked after a long and awkward silence. “Dunno! a day? a week? a month? I’m the most disorganised woman you’ll ever meet” she laughed. “So you were organized before!” he said. She looked at him puzzled and asked “Why do you think so?”. “You said disorganized! not unorganized! You can only be disorganized if you were once organized!” he replied while cleaning his plate. She smiled and was lost in her own thoughts, dozed off into her own past trauma. He wore his jacket which was lying on the couch. “That was a good night! Wish I was sober enough to remember it!” he said and opened the door. She came out of her lost world and “Goodbye!” she yelled rushing to the door. “We’ll meet again?” he asked hesistantly. She replied with a smile. He went away as she continued eating and smiling to herself thinking about his sparkling and excited eyes. “Damn! Oxytocin!” she mumbled. She spent rest of the day packing her things, tuning the Mustang and fueling her up for the next commute. It was 8 in the evening and she couldn’t help but go to the club. She looked around and was about to leave and “Hey!” a voice called her from behind. It was familiar, soothing and exciting for her to hear that voice. She turned around and smiled “Michael!” she said. “You just entered and you’re leaving already?” he asked. “You look sober!” she laughed. “I only drink once in a week!” he said. She couldn’t look into his sparkling eyes for a long time she moved her eyes away “Then why are you here tonight?” she asked. “I’m not here to drink! I’m… I was… looking for you, Denise!” he said with lower and strong tone. Denise opened her lips as his words had stuck her nerves passing through the posterior pitutary gland secreting enough hormones to make her fall for him. “Dinner?” he asked and she nodded yes. They both went in to a diner across the street and had a good meal. No matter how close they grew, how deep the conversation went on; she still found it hard to look into his eyes straight. She dropped him at his apartment and spent the rest of the night thinking about him. “It has been so long feeling so feminine” she thought to herself. It was middle of the night and she woke up to someone knocking her door. She opened the door to find Micheal who looked so nervous. “Hello Michael?” she asked confusingly to know what he was doing at this hour. “Can I come in?” he asked and she let him in. He handed her a pocket knife and said “I couldn’t stop thinking about what you’ve said. You wander a lot! You meet various kinds of douchebags. I don’t know I just couldn’t stop thinking about the possibility that .. that…. it’s just there are lot of wolves waiting to prey on.. it’s.. it’s so dark out there” she could see the immense care in his eyes and interrupted his speech with a kiss. The pocket knife slipped on the floor as he grabbed her and started kissing back. As the sky started to white out in the golden hour, it started to snow as the pair made love on the cozy bed in the warm cotton stuffed blanket. Hours passed and nothing but hunger succeeded in stopping them. He got dressed and helped her get dressed. Both made sandwiches and were sharing laughs and giggles. She sat on his lap as he leaned back on a pillow. ” At this point.. I need to say something” he said in a serious tone. “No, me first! Even I should say something!” she said in an adorable tone kissing on his cheeks. “Hmm.. ok.. you first.. go on!” he said. “Well.. it’s just! I haven’t been in a relationship which lasted more than 2 weeks since an year or so! I’m a wanderer.. like I said.. and I have been to multiple dates and…” she looked at him “Why are you so silent?” she asked. “I’m listening go on” he replied. She got up and sat in front of him and looked him straight in the eyes. “Long long ago….I’ve been in a very long and toxic relationship which took the life out of me! He was sweet, adorable and sensible in the beginning and yeah don’t judge a book by its cover they say! It’s true what they say! He was an obsessive, insecure and psychotic cunt who drew a cage around me and imprisoned me for an year! Every second with that schmuck, I felt like I was burning from the inside! In those burning ashes I was born again as a Phoenix… I’m a fucking Phoenix, Michael! I was reborn! I just broke the damn walls and also his nuts! It was traumatic, yet I decided to move on and explored various relationships. Every relationship begins sweet yet somehow finds its way back to the obsessive oblivion burning me back to the ashes and I had to ressurect myself into a new form for the Phoenix I’m! I was fed up…” she paused and put her hands on Michael’s cheeks. “I decided that I’d never be into long-term relationships!” she paused again and hugged Michael “Short and sweet, Michael! That’s how relationships are tend to be. That’s how I love them to be at least!” she said as Michael stayed silent. “I gotta go!” he said. Denise was in shock but she can understand that short-term relationships are not everyone’s cup of tea. She found water on her hair, she realised that it was Michael’s tears. She held her pillow tight as Michael left. She just stayed in that particular position for an hour at least and then she woke up. She got ready and went to the club searching for Michael. He wasn’t there. She rode to his apartment but hesitated to get out and kock his door. “Move on, Denise!” she thought and went back to the motel. She had a sound sleep that night. She woke up packed all her things and fueled the Mustang. She was passing throught the club and couldn’t stop herslef again. Something was bugging her a lot. It was irresistable. She parked the car and rushed into the club to find Michael drunk and giving his Aristotle speech to some drunkard infront of him. She rushed to him and said “Michael! I know it sounds dumb! But… I love it short.. But I don’t want it to be this short, at least with you! I want to be a little longer with you, Michael!” she said and Michael was puzzled. “Pardon?” he asked like she was a stranger. “Michael, I know you are hurt but it’s..” she was trying to convince him but he stopped her gesturing to stop with his palm “Wait… just wait..” he was searching for something in his pockets. He finally found something, took a card out of his right pocket in his jacket and handed it to her. *Hi, I’m Michael. You might’ve known me in past few days. But the thing is, I’ve a condition. It’s called Anterograde Amnesia and it stops me from making new memories. My brain resets randomly and when it does I forget everything that had happened post the incident* the card read. Denise was devastated and the card slipped out of her hands. She couldn’t take it and she rushed out as Michael kept on calling her. She got in the car and just rode far away. She didn’t cry, not a single tear dropped from her eyes. But yes, her eyes grew glossy and watery. “Move on, Denise! Like you always do!” she mumbled.

Weeks passed….

It was spring and the Black Mustang was back into the Fluke town. The Mustang’s lights fell upon a Mule deer which was about to cross the road. The deer crossed the road with its fawn as the Mustang passed. The car stopped right in front of the fully loaded club. Denise got into the club and walked straight to Michael who was again busy in giving his Aristotle speech. “Hey! Want me to buy you a drink?” she asked and Michael was shocked for a moment. “Me?” he asked. “Yeah, you! I was listening to you.. It was interesting. Why don’t you tell me all about it while I buy you a tequila!” she winked and he smiled. He stood up, looked around and there was an empty table around the corner. He walked her to the table and both sat down as he ordered two tequila shots. She took him to her motel and he wasn’t that drunk this time. He slowly opened up and showed her the card. “See, I’ve this weird condition!” he said. “What does it mean?” she asked. “It means that I’ll forget your beautiful face when my mind decides to reset” he laughs. “And when does that happen?” she asked and he shrugged. “I dunno! I don’t remember” he said and laughed a lot. “What’s that incident?” she asked in an interrogative tone. He smiled and said “I don’t even remember that but according to the poster in my room, it happened 3 years ago on September 5th. It says that I hit my head so bad that my hippocampus got so fucked up that it can’t process and store my memories” he was saying as she interrupted “hippo what?”. “Hippocampus… it’s in your brain… it stores the memories from short-term memory to long-term memory. Wait..umm OK! Think of short-term memory as a garbage bin. It’s small and can only contain some of the garbage. You can’t fill it with all the garbage you produce. So, garbage man takes your garbage to the dumpster and disposes it there. Now… The garbage bin is your short-term memory which stores temporarily. Hippocampus is the garbage man and the dumpster is the long-term memory. get it?” he asked and Denise was laughing. “You are technically calling all our memories dump?” she asked and he laughed too. “No, It was just an easy example” he replied as he took her hand and kissed on her knuckles. “So you are going to forget me?” she asked. “Sadly I will…” he sighed. Both spend a beautiful night. Two days pass as they enjoy their romantic conversations and love each day. Then the third day, he didn’t come! And Denise knew that he had reset by then! She smiled at the situation and went to the club that night and found Michael giving his Aristotle speech again! She laughed, blushed and giggled for her situation.

Months passed….

Denise walked into the club, looked at Michael but didn’t go to him this time. She walked to the counter and ordered Bourbon. “Hey!” a familiar, soothing and exciting voice called her from behind. She smiled but didn’t turn back. “Wanna have a drink with me?” the soothing voice asked like it was the first time and like he had to try harder to impress her. She turned back and said “Yes!” He looked around, found an empty table around the corner. “Let’s go there?” he asked her as Denise started walking with him. “This is the longest yet shortest relationship I’m having with this man!” she thought and smiled. She loved how he tried to impress her like it was their first time. She loved how his eyes were so excited to meet her like it was their first time. With him, it was always their first time.

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