This tale and the tales to be followed are series of incidents which are taking place in the Land of Mendacius, a country in dystopia masked as utopia.


*This story is a sequel, following the character David from ANECDOTE #1 SUGAR-COAT *

David’s Journal

13th October

“Today was just a normal day. By normal, I mean just another torturous, captive and pretentious day in Mendacius. Sometimes I feel like running away! Far away from this place. I’ve heard many people speak about an island far west from Mendacius where rebels and outcasts run away to and live in wooden houses and lead a life like savages. I know it’s weird but I actually loved that idea. Wish I had the gut to leave this place. Nothing much to share! Somewhere while speaking in euphemisms, pretending to be happy and running in the wheel like a hamster, I forgot why I started writing this journal. Who am I speaking to? Who will read these pieces of papers? Is this just a way of letting my thoughts out? Can I never really let my thoughts out in public? Isn’t it better to die being yourself than to live by pretending to be someone else? 20 odd years of pretending. I’m tired! I feel like I’m walking dead. Should hibernate now…. wake myself up and go out… to pretend again… to pretend that I care about my clients so that I’ll be rewarded with pieces of paper which will help me feed my stomach and quench my material thirst which has no real world use. Yeah! No use! A fucking toe massager, that’s what I feel like buying right now. Because some dude in a black suit brainwashed me to buy that shit in an online commercial. Well, he was successful, I give him that! A fucking toe massager… I should satisfy my clients so that I can buy a fucking toe massager.”

14th October

“Today was definitely not a normal day! All this nostalgia! I feel happy and also sad… happy for recollecting that specific memory… sad for what had happened. I happened to pass by a bunch of kids trying to rescue a stray kitten. It reminded me of myself and my friends! It took me 16 years back in time. I was around 12 and by then I had practiced to live pretending to live by the laws of Mendacius. But with my friends, I never did pretend. I never had to. Today… I guess I found my purpose! I’m a writer, that’s what I’m. I’m having urges to write a story of that 16 year old memory.”

Schrodinger, Not a scientist!
My name is Schrodinger and I’m a kitten. Abandoned on streets and filled with hunger I was trying to find something to eat. I found it difficult to walk! I was just 15 days old! But I still tried to walk and then finally I found a puddle to drink some water. Then I noticed a strange duo looking at me. Two kids. They looked like they could help me so I tried to walk a bit closer to them and yeah, I was right! One of them held me and put me in the basket of his bicycle. He was smiling at me. “It’s so cute and tiny” he kept saying. He took me home and gave me some milk to drink. That was different from my mother’s but that was good too. He then put me in a cardboard box and tried to put me to sleep. I don’t know why, I felt so close to him. I wanted to sleep in his lap and I just rushed on to his lap and he liked it too. he was petting my dusty fur with his fingers while I slept in his lap. It has been so long since I felt such warmth and love. I woke up to some kid petting on my head. I stood up to find that I wasn’t in his lap anymore. I was wrapped in a blanket inside a cardboard box. There were holes on the side and I peeked out to see what’s going on. I understood that the kid was holding the box in his hands and there was someone standing in front of me. “Please! Let me keep him! He’ll stay quiet and sleep in my room. I’ll make sure that he won’t come out of my room!the kid requested. “Come on, David! You know you can’t keep it! You just can’t! You know what happens when they found out you are raising a stray kitten. You know that very well. You’re not a kid anymore. Come on!” an adult male voice yelled at the kid David. “I will take it to a vet and vaccinate it!” David yelled back and the adult male came closer towards David “Oh yeah? And what will you say? You rescued it from the streets? They’ll capture it as soon as you use the word ‘street’. Sorry David! You gotta leave it where you brought it from” he told David. David didn’t give up though, seemed like a stubborn kid. He put the box in his bicycle basket. It was fun sitting in a basket, Ah the breeze! The bicycle stopped and we waited there for sometime. I grew impatient and I tried to push the box open, I was almost there and then David held the box tight. “Calm down! It’s okay” he whispered into the box. But I just didn’t stop. I started mewing continuously till David put his warm fingers on my head and pet me. Time has passed and I heard more bicycles approaching. “Hey Guys! Meet.. er.. the Cat” David yelled picking me up from the box with joy. “The cat?” one of the kids asked, the voice was of a little girl of David’s age. I can see all of their faces from the holes in cardboard. “Yeah it’s just tentative. We can change the name later” David justified his lack of creativity. “You dad is so cool, my dad doesn’t even buy me soft toys” a kid shouted, he looked jealous. “His dad didn’t buy it, Ved! We found it on the street this afternoon and David couldn’t resist from taking it home” a boy said. “Yeah, don’t know how it got inside the housing sector” David said. Ved got down from his bicycle and held me in his hands. “Awww it’s so cute! Certainly it couldn’t jump the wall! There must be holes little enough for this tiny thing to enter or maybe some douche-bag brought it in and left it” He said while petting my neck. “What are you planning to do with it, David?” the girl asked. “My dad didn’t let me keep it. Will you take it, George?” David asked looking at George who looked blank. “Dude, you know how it is in my home! They’ll not let me keep it. Meghana, why don’t you take it with you?” George asked the girl. “No one lets us keep it. It’s not an authorized pet adopted from Pet Services. It’s a normal kitten, street breed! You can say that just by looking at it!” Meghana yelled pointing at me. “What if it’s a street breed?” Ved yelled angrily at Meghana. “They don’t let us have street cats in the house sectors. We make the sector vulnerable for infections if we didDavid sighed and Meghana shrugged. “What will they do if they found out Mr.Cat?” Ved asked innocently. “We don’t yet know if it’s a Mister” George laughed. “Don’t know! Don’t wanna know either!” David said and took me back from Ved. He held me close to his chest and started petting me as I grabbed his T-shirt with my claws for grip. “I’ve an idea!” David said. They put me in the box and put me in front of a door of a huge mansion. They rang the bell and ran away to hide. At first I didn’t understand what was happening. An old lady opened the door and looked around then looked at me. I mewed and she closed the door right on my face. They repeated the same thing in multiple houses. Everyone closed the door as soon as they take a good look at me. I understood that David and the squad were trying to find me a home. But I was fed-up already! I was missing them. It was 7th house and when an old man opened the door I mewed and he was smiling at me. I was afraid and I just jumped out of the box and ran towards Ved who was hiding behind the main gate. Old man was looking at Ved and Ved who just got caught apologized and ran holding me and the box. “It won’t work!” Ved yeleld at David panting and gasping. “How are they even able to resist this cute little thing?” David asked George. “Can we stop pretending that we don’t know that this will be the outcome? We all know that no one’s gonna take it! either one of us keeps it and hides it or we’ll just leave it outside the Housing Sector!” George was tired when he said that. “But it’s…” David was trying to say something and George interrupted him “Cute? Yeah It’s so friggin cute! And that’s exactly why we shouldn’t risk keeping it in the housing sector! Got it?” he took me and put me into the cardboard box as I was mewing for freedom. I was frustrated too. David’s okay! I’d love to go with him! Either that or I just want to be free. I yelled “Let me out!” but all they could hear was a “Meow” Sigh! The funny part was when the four kids struggled putting me to sleep. I resisted all their pampering and petting! I mewed my lungs out but I refused to sleep! But then that cute little witch Meghana fed me lukewarm milk and I just felt so good! I dozed off and when I woke up we were in a forest like area and David was looking at me like he was missing me already. He put the carboard box under a tree. “Never, David! Never do such an insane thing! You just committed a treason by smuggling Mr.Cat out. What if the guards checked the box and caught it? You are a class 1 idiot, David!” Ved yelled. “Come on! We did it!” David sighed and put me out on the ground. Been a long time feeling the soil! It’s good to be back. “Guys! I just got the right for it” George said with pride on his face. “What’s that?” Ved asked. “As long as we don’t come and see it ourselves, we don’t know it’s alive! As long as we are in the housing sector, there are two possibilities… Either the cat is dead, or it’s alive!” George said like he was explaining his research thesis. The others were puzzled.”What the hell are you trying to say, George?” Ved asked. George looked at David and smiled. David thougth about it for a moment and said “Schrodinger’s Cat!” he smiled. “We’ll name him Schrodinger!” George stated. “Who the hell is Schrodinger?” Ved asked as Meghana shrugged. “A scientist, me and George read about him in an article” David said and put his hand on my head and I mewed. “Schrodinger” he called me and kissed on my forehead. The four played with me for a while and kissed me farewell, calling me Schrodinger for multiple times adn they left. I thought I’d be happy out here but I realised that I’ll miss them brats! How naive! How stupid! How innocent! I wished they could come back sometimes and play with me, pet me and pamper me. It was a boring day from then. Spent all the evening chasing flies and chewing grass. Just when I got bored enough to cry, I heard a bicyle approaching me! I know by my heart that it’d be David! And there was he shouting “Schrodinger!”

14th October
Finished writing a story today! About my cute Schrodinger! I regret having to lie. Regret having to manipulate the story for a happy ending. Wish it was that simple. Wish Schrodinger was there when I went back. Wish reality has happy endings too.

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