Hello!!!.. I am Knapsack.. People these days call me “wallet”. It is like I am their highly used and least forgotten product. So you might be thinking, I must be happy to have so much attention from people..Definitely not. Because no one cares what I go through… Didn’t understand?? Let me explain.

Be it a short ride or any occasion, I am the one whom no one risks to forget. When I am in the market with all my pals, someone comes and buys the best of us. But the shopkeeper gets paid for this. We fall into the collateral damage ultimately. Every now and then, one of us is divided from our group. I don’t understand who the hell gave them this right to divide us. If you were to divide then firstly why unite. Bloody morons!!

However, my turn came and Anoop purchased me. After I am taken from the shop, I just hoped that I find a good mate. I looked for someone in whose eyes I can find love and care. Little did I know that my desires will turn into the worst nightmare.

At first, I was treated with lots of care like I am the lucky charm. I was given the priority to sit equally. Only cards and enough stuff used to be inside me. I felt like not me but he was securing me. Slowly things started changing, whenever there is a change in his mood, there is a change in his behaviour towards me too. If he is sad, he forgets to even remove me from his butt and I am being suppressed all night there. If he is happy, then I am continuously being used, because he obviously is not worried to spend right. When he is angry, then don’t ask me what I go through! When he meets his friends, that asshole throws me on the table like I am the most underrated thing on this earth. Sometimes, my life is even more fucked.. Damn these digital wallets.. Stealing our jobs.

One day, Anoop fell in love with a girl. Then on, he started putting her picture inside me like I am a storage of memories. If he loves that girl, so be it. Why the hell should he keep her picture in my pocket? Am I a wallpaper or what? Or would he forget her face if she is not with him? Like this was not enough, he started putting his bills and stuff inside me. I feel so stuffed. I don’t understand why am I treated this way.

Okay I know, that I am freaking out. But what to do? Everyone makes me frustrated. Listen Bro!! If you want to be in this relationship with me.. You have to be respectful towards me.. Because, no relationship runs without mutual respect towards each other’s emotions. I will secure you and you will do the same. We both are equally important in this. We should promise that we won’t fail each other. Yes, I agree that I cannot assure you of a long term relationship but I will ensure you that I will dedicate my whole self until we are together. Because, no one knows when one’s lifetime ends.

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