Today, I am writing about the most underrated relation (I think)… SISTERS.. Let’s talk about it..

The reason why I think it is the most underrated relation is, there have been no or less instances that the relation of a sister has been explained…neither in poems nor in social websites..

However, I don’t want to come to conclusion based on social media posts but people like us exist!

I feel that none mentions sisters in any success speeches or biopics.

Well..My question is..Why not?

Let me tell you why they should be mentioned from my personal experience. I have a sister.

When she was born, I was a kid and always felt, “Why did my parents bring her on earth!!??”

I always have to share my snacks with her..But, Hayath never shares food.

My dad who used to treat me like a Prince..But after her birth, in the process of her growing up..I don’t know when I lost my crown of prince.

Ofcourse, my mom was always there to heal those wounds.

My sister was always soft cornered.

Guys..But, honestly, they deserve it. I accept it. If you don’t, just keep on will too.

Sister is the only relation which makes you experience every relation (atleast to me). When she is born, she is your doll.

While growing up, she fights like your brother for you..

Due to the age gap between you and her, she becomes your daughter and listens to all your advices.

For me, I was lucky that when God gave me some troubles, she treated me like a kid and she became my mother.

You may fight with her for long time but, there is no such thing that will stop her if you are hurt and she will be there to rescue you.

Sisters will guide you..They will make you understand women.

Have you ever observed..When your dad comes home tired from work..It is least that you will ask him for a coffee but your sister always does.

For this one thing..they become Princess. I learnt from my sister that love should be definitely expressed.

You cannot get away saying that I can’t express..You don’t need to write poems..lines or have to share any picture on social media.

Love is best expressed in actions. We always get busy in loving mom, dad, friend and wife..but, do you know one thing your sister also deserves a little.

If you have loved your sister, you might think after reading my article that I know this dude..If you know..Kudos buddy..Say once more to your sister..”I LOVE YOU.”

If you have forgotten..It is okay buddy..We are humans and we are stupid. Just talk to her anything or atleast fight with her.

Hope you liked it. Meet you again in the next story. Until then, don’t forget to always try..get hurt..move on and try again.

And one more thing..

Don’t be that KHADOOS BHAI portrayed in movies. Be a cool bro who shares everything with her. Don’t miss her bestfriend side. Bye..Bye..!!!

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