Walking from the nests..

I peeked through the holes..

Distant was the ocean..

Down were the rivers..

Sky was beautiful and blue..

Sober were my desires..

Slowly I raised my wing..

I saw it filled with scars..

Didn’t I tell you this..

These scars are from my wars..

Yet again no worries..

I would reset myself to fire and crackers..

I started flying into the sky..

The wind terrorized me with its whoomps..

Yesterday, I fell into the river..

I was taken away by the waves..

But today, I resisted to pass it..

I will fly until my body tires...

Each day I defeat something new..

I will get near to my goals…

Time is not the parameter that decides my destiny…

I will try until my soul retires…

3 Comments on “LEFT MY NEST

    • Thanks for this gesture, Andrew! We’d love to continue writing poems! That’s one area we can assure you of expertise 🙂 Thanks for your comment. It means a lot! And we hope you follow our posts and let us know how you feel just like you did now!

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