14th February 2018-

I feel so happy. She would be coming in 10 minutes. I am just waiting for her to come and touch me. Her touch is very sensual. I find peace when she moves me. I love it when she pours my every drop into her words. She is my first and forever love. I wish my body never breaks and I remain with her forever. Oh my god!! 2 more minutes, my ink is pounding, she will come to touch me. I just hope I don’t break in anxiety.

10 more seconds… 10..9…8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1……..There she is, My beautiful Sarah!!!!! The most wonderful person I have ever been with. The happiness I get when she looks at me is unexplainable. How can someone be so beautiful!? This, is a love story of “Me and My Sarah”.

Sarah and I met one year ago. Since the day she has picked me up from the book stall, I have been falling for her till date. It was a love at first sight. The way she held me, made me fall for her. From that moment, she has become my world, my everything. She takes care of me, keeps me away from every dirty person, she is so possessive about me, never shares me with anyone. We make love every day. She even named me, calls me Mr.Kalam. My day starts with her and ends with her.

Sarah is a wonderful writer. Everyday she picks me up from the pen box and writes with me on her journal. She is quite famous for her art of thoughts. She is one of the most admired writers. Yet, refills me everyday and choses me over many other pens. I guess I was made as a ball pen just for her. When she holds me with her beautiful fingers, I feel like my whole body is covered with rose petals and served in velvet. I am bridge to her words and she is solace to my ink. How come she never forgets to spend time with me. She even loves to take me to places. My life feels complete.

14th february 2018- Sarah came near the pen box swinging in her red skirt. She had flowers in one hand and a golden coloured metal box in the other. She kept the flowers aside and held the box with both her hands. “Montblanc Fountain Pen ‘Gaius Maecenas 888’ 20th Anniversary Montblanc Patron Of Art Editions”, it was imprinted on the box. She opened the box slowly and carefully. There was a beautiful pen inside it. With gold engraved roman numerals and rhodium plated barrel, it looked the most gorgeous pen ever made on the earth. Sarah took the pen out of the box and kissed it gently. Her face was glowing while kissing it. It was a great gift for her as she was a writer. The gift was given to her by the boy she has been loving for long time. She confessed her love to that man on this Valentine’s day and surprisingly she got a return gift from him. Sarah was very happy to find someone who not only admires her work, but also loves her for what she is. Making a blush face, she kept it back into the box and was about to keep it into the pen box, but then she decided to keep it carefully in her closet. She kept it in the closet, texted her boyfriend on her phone and went to bed. Kalam was awaiting Sarah to come to it. The whole night went in wait but she didn’t come to it. The valentine’s day went in pain for Kalam.

Next day, when she woke up, her first thought was to go and look at her MontBlanc pen. As usual, she started to write a story but this time she chose with MontBlanc not Kalam. Kalam looked at her and awaited her to come. But she didn’t. The days passed by and Kalam started realising that, Sarah completely forgot it. But, it never lost the hope. It expected Sarah to come back to it each day. Hours changed to days and days changed to months, but, Sarah didn’t come. Kalam finally gave up, it started breaking. The ink was oozing out from its body. It needed a refill. Sarah used to write her love story in her diary everyday but Kalam was so in love that it didn’t realise what Sarah was writing while she touched it. But little did Kalam know, that this day would come.

It is 13th february 2019 and Sarah was planning a surprise for her boyfriend. It was 11:45 P.M in the night and Sarah was writing a letter to her boyfriend. She invited her boyfriend over her home and was planning to give the letter to him. It was 11:55 P.M and she was about to finish the letter. She had to sign the letter at the end of it. She placed her MontBlanc at the place on the paper where she had to sign and striked it over the paper to sign but no ink fell on the paper. She striked it for 3 more times and didn’t find any ink. It was 11:58, her boyfriend would come now. She panicked and looked here and there. Then, found a pen in her pen box which was lying sad and ink oozing out from it. It was Kalam, she ran towards Kalam and took it out of the pen box and signed on the letter. She kept it on the table in hurry. Sarah’s boyfriend came and they had a beautiful night together. After her boyfriend left, Sarah laid back on her bed and looked on her right side and saw Kalam on the table which was lying like a man just had an accident. Sarah got up from her bed and slowly walked towards Kalam. She took Kalam into her hands and her eyes rolled with tears. She realised that she completely ignored Kalam and led it to such situation. She cleaned and refilled it. Kalam was feeling good and back to life. It felt very peaceful after Sarah came back to it. Their love story began again. Sarah opened her journal and started writing with Kalam again. But this time, her words were “We all find new things in our life but it should not overpower the memory of what old things served us. No matter how far we travel, it is obvious to get back to home one day. But it is important to make sure that when we come back, we don’t regret our journey. Follow what comes new to your life but respect the archives”.

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